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In 2001, there was a need for a science website that was dedicated strictly to neuroscience research news, so NeuroscienceNews.com was started. To this day, the site is an independent science news website focusing mainly on neuroscience and other cognitive sciences.

No funds have been taken from governments, grants, pharmaceutical companies, big businesses, banks, schools, or others with possibly conflicting interests, to help with this site at any time.

We scour news sources from universities, labs, news agencies, scientists, science publishers, and other science departments. We post full articles, releases, abstracts, and sometimes full research journal papers on our site. We also take submissions from nearly anyone.

We attempt to link to the original news releases in our posts. We try to include a link to the research papers discussed in the press release, or article, as well as other information that may be important to our readers. We try to include the full list of authors, journal names, research title and identifiers (doi) under the content of each post.

In a few cases, the original neuroscience research article is not available without registration from a research journal, or isn’t available online yet. In these cases, we link to a secondary source, such as a publishing organization news page, or a university press feed. In these cases, we usually update our posts later, when we do find access to the research.

We try to use as many Open Access research articles as we can that seem relevant to our readers. We feel this is much more fair for people of varying incomes, education backgrounds and physical access.

We post up any conflicts of interests we notice in the notes under the post’s content. We welcome comments from readers that notice any conflicts, or errors in the research, press releases, articles, posts, or journal research papers. We make mistakes. We can really use everyone’s help to keep this site promoting truthful, honest, fact-based research news.

We don’t agree with everything we post. We don’t like everything we post. None of us are experts in every science sub-genre, language usage, or topic discussed. Sometimes, we post items to draw them to the attention of more qualified readers.


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