Linda Ronstadt

Linda Ronstadt (* 15. Juli 1946 in Tucson, Arizona, US-amerikanische West-Coast- und Country-Rock-Sängerin)

Ronstdt 2 What a crazy year for Linda Ronstadt. A few months ago she announces to the world that she has Parkinson’s Disease. Her singing career is over. How much lower can you get?

Today comes the announcement that Ronstadt is elected to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Her class includes Peter Gabriel, KISS, Hall & Oates, Nirvana and Cat Stevens.

It’s an interesting group. Some deserving, some choices may be a bit controversial. But because of her Parkinson’s announcement, as well as her stellar career, Ronstadt has certainly gone to the head of this class.

Ronstadt 1 She’s had a diverse career. It started with The Stone Pony’s. The breakthrough album „Heart Like A Wheel“. Linda took a shot at Broadway in „The Pirates of Penzance“. Albums with the Nelson Riddle Orchestra and also with Emmy Lou Harris & Dolly Parton. Linda didn’t play it safe. It’s obvious she loved a challenge.

Now Ronstadt faces the greatest challenge of her life…fighting Parkinson’s Disease. It may have ended her singing career but doesn’t have to end her life. It just becomes more challenging.

For the faces of Parkinson’s Disease, this has been a challenging and maybe a great year.

First, Michael J. Fox goes back to work in a weekly series. Followed by today’s exciting news that Linda is finally going to the Hall.

Ronstadt There’s already talk that Linda won’t be able to attend to induction ceremonies. April 10th, in New York City is a long ways off. Things can change.

Hopefully Linda can make the trip for an induction that’s long overdue. All of us with Parkinson’s will be helping her up on the stage.